Coming In The Door

We are a warm and welcoming body of believers that will greet you when you come in. We are still a small congregation and we wish to be inviting and friendly. The period between Sunday schools and the worship service is a sweet time of relationship and fellowship. We have a coffee table set up with tea and hot chocolate also available …. and usually some snacks! A Christian businessman allows us to use his facility on Sundays and we set it up in a way to focus on worship and the word.


Some are in dresses or sports coats; many are in golf shirts or blouses and slacks; some are in jeans or shorts. Our desire is that you come ready to worship our Living God.

Music and Worship

The music style is more contemporary with the lyrics projected on the screen or in the bulletins. We may use old hymns set to modern music or use a more recent piece. We want our music to lead us to worship and so we choose songs with rich and deep lyrics.


Our church and our worship center around Jesus. Our preaching is expository and usually, the pastor preaches through a specific book of the Bible, not skipping hard sections or focusing on pastor favorites. Our desire is to show you Jesus in all the scriptures so that you may understand and then work that out the rest of the week.


We desire to exalt the Lord in all we do and we hope your heart is encouraged to delight in Him as we worship together. Our worship team and the pastor spend much time in preparation to have an honoring and excellent service to the Lord. But sometimes the worship leader may start off on the wrong chord and we have to start over. Sometimes a baby will cry and wail at just the wrong moment. Sometimes one of our “special” members may answer a rhetorical question out loud. Sometimes someone with Alzheimer’s may stand up in the middle of the preaching and start praying for us all. Our response is to honor all these sweet people, realizing that we are a real and broken congregation. Honestly, we are a mess! But we know how very much we need Jesus. And He is our righteousness.


We celebrate the Lord’s Supper together once a month, usually the first Sunday of the month. It is open to all those professing Christ as Lord, who struggle with their sin and who are in good standing with their home church. For those who have some sin they refuse to address, we ask you refrain from the table and spend the time going before the Lord on that issue. We also ask those children who have not yet gone before the elders of the church to refrain so that we might make sure they understand the importance of this sacrament.


Once a month, usually the second Sunday, we have a ”pot-luck” lunch together. We rearrange the chairs and set up tables and have a great time eating together and going deeper than “I’m fine, how are you?” We are not all fine and we value this opportunity to get involved in each other’s lives. We always have enough for visitors, so feel free to stay and join us. It is always a special time together.


At Keowee Presbyterian Church we believe Sunday worship is a special time to be spiritually encouraged and built up by the fellowship of the believers and the preaching of the Word of God. Scripture instructs us to not neglect meeting together, but instead to gather and stir up one another, to encourage one another, to push each other to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24-25).

9:45 – 10:15 Sunday school or Worship Preparation

10:30 – 11:45 Worship service


We have a nursery available for children up to age three. As a small congregation, we do not always need it, but we always have someone available and assigned to keep the nursery. You are also welcome and even encouraged to keep your young children with you during the service so that we might worship together. We feel that is a great way to help foster a lifetime practice of worship.


Unimaginable only a few years ago, we understand the need to provide on-site security. The building with our children’s Sunday school is electronically locked and we always have someone assigned providing security during church hours.